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Yuko Fujiyama – Quiet Passion (2022 FLAC)

Yuko Fujiyama - Quiet Passion (2022 FLAC)

Yuko Fujiyama – Quiet Passion (2022 FLAC)

Artist: Yuko Fujiyama
Album: Quiet Passion
Release/Reissue: 2022
Genre: Jazz

01. Prologue
02. Leggiero
03. Kurikaesu
04. Whispering Universe
05. Agitato
06. Dialogue
07. Piano Solo I
08. Improvisational Suite
09. Sadness Is
10. Piano Solo II
11. Quiet Passion I
12. Quiet Passion II
13. Quiet Passion III

With Quiet Passion, pianist Yuko Fujiyama finally releases another album as a leader after a long break from publishing. For this eagerly awaited addition to her sparse discography, Yuko invites the great innovators Graham Haynes on cornet and Ikue Mori on electronics. The album is a mix of piano solos, duets and extraordinarily imaginative densely woven miniatures. Quiet Passion suggests a dual intention in both the title and the music – a cross-pollination of emotions that the three musicians impressively create. Regarding the instrumentation, Yuko says: “Good musicians listening to one another.

I like totally free, because – I’m free, and anything I hear at that moment is allowed.” Laurence Donohue-Greene writes in the liner notes: “It may have taken 17 years of woodshedding – in essence shedding off layers and decades of influences ranging from Cecil Taylor and Marilyn Crispell to Beethoven and Japanese composer- Takemitsu – but she has gotten to the core of a very personal style, as if discovering within herself a finely cut diamond.” A defining characteristic of Quiet Passion is keeping the listener in suspense, with each piece developing a magical appeal.

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