FLAC Music. Jazz Flac. Hi-Res. FLAC download ยป Miles Davis – In A Silent Way (2013 24/176 FLAC)

Miles Davis – In A Silent Way (2013 24/176 FLAC)

Miles Davis - In A Silent Way (2013 24/176 FLAC)

Miles Davis – In A Silent Way (2013 24/176 FLAC)

Artist: Miles Davis
Album: In A Silent Way
Release/Reissue: 2013
Genre: Jazz, Fusion

01. Shhh / Peaceful
02. In a Silent Way

This album may very well be Miles Davis’ best album. Or at least, I’m quite certain it’s better than Kind of Blue. This album is important to not only Miles Davis’ career, but to the entire genre of jazz. It marked the first time that Miles moved away from “normal” jazz, which led to many great jazz albums to come from him. It also led to many other jazz artists moving away from normal jazz. Of course, avant-garde jazz and free jazz already existed at this point, so jazz had already begun to move away from normalcy, but this album made huge waves in the jazz fusion field. This album was to jazz fusion what Endtroducing was to instrumental hip hop. What I mean by that is that there were a few jazz fusion albums before this album, but this is the first “real” jazz fusion album. This album was so influential that it was preceded by many great jazz fusion albums from Miles himself and from many other jazz artists. This album was a monumental album to jazz.

To get on to the actual content of this album, I’ll start by saying that it was influential for a reason, that reason being that it’s amazing. I’m no expert on any genre outside of hip hop, so I can’t tell you exactly what genre influences are featured on this album, but I can tell you that there are multiple influences from other genres. I definitely heard some rock, maybe a little funk, and a lot of details that sounded so original to me that I couldn’t even place them under any specific genre. The overall vibe of this album is completely chill. The first song is very relaxing and I absolutely love the sweet cacophony of various instruments that play on top of each other throughout it. That song, while not quite being one of my favorite jazz songs, is a masterpiece. The second song starts out even more relaxed than the first song, but then it makes multiple transitions, many of which are more upbeat than the first part, and then it ends completely relaxed again. Overall, I prefer the first song, but the second song is still amazing. Really, the whole album is amazing. Despite how positive my review of this is, I’m only giving it 4.5 stars. The reason for that is because I’m really picky about giving albums 5 stars, especially non-hip hop albums, but that doesn’t stop this album from being one of my all time favorite jazz albums. If you have even the slightest interest in jazz or in experimental music, you need to hear this album. If you’re a jazz fan, you need to have this album in your collection. If you’re new to jazz, you should probably listen to Kind of Blue first because it’s so accessible, but once you get deeper into the various facets of jazz, you need to listen to this album. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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