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Immortal Onion – Screens (2022 24/44 FLAC)

Immortal Onion - Screens (2022 24/44 FLAC)

Immortal Onion – Screens (2022 24/44 FLAC)

Artist: Immortal Onion
Album: Screens
Release/Reissue: 2022
Genre: Jazz

01. Screens
02. ZOZI
03. Orange Moons
04. Digital Relations
05. OK Boomer
06. Bitter Habits

Immortal Onion have already built a strong position as one of the most interesting, new jazz projects from Poland. After two well received albums (“Ocelot of Salvation” in 2017 and “XD [ExperienceDesign]” in 2020) we’ve had the pleasure of presenting the new re- lease called “Screens” recorded at the initiative of the saxophonist Michał Jan Ciesielski.

The songs composed by Michał confirm, that jazz electronic fusion can be still fresh and thrilling. The album, where beside Michał, Tomir, Wojtek and Ziemowit, you will find many guest instrumentalists. Thus resulting in a step forward made by the still young musician from TriCity.

It is worth mentioning, the song entitled “ZOZI” is enriched with the string parts recorded by Ola Szymańska on violin (Alfah Femmes, Ralph Kamiński, The Fruitcakes) and Weronika Kulpa on cello. Also, you can hear the brass section consisting of David Lipka on trumpet (Zgniłość, Bizzarre Penguin) and Paweł Niewiadomski on trombone (Power of the Horns). In the composition called “OK Boomer” you can hear characteristic guitar soundscape recorded by Marcin Gałązka (Tymon Tymański).

The whole album was recorded and mixed by Michał Jan Ciesielski. Mastering was done by Michał “Eprom” Baj. Graphic design was created by Marta “Martiszu” Ludwiszewska, who, like no one else senses the crazy spirit of immortal onion.

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