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Bill Charlap Trio – Street Of Dreams (2021 24/96 FLAC)

Bill Charlap Trio - Street Of Dreams (2021 24/96 FLAC)

Bill Charlap Trio – Street Of Dreams (2021 24/96 FLAC)

Artist: Bill Charlap Trio
Album: Street Of Dreams
Release/Reissue: 2021
Genre: Jazz, Post Bop

01. The Duke
02. Day Dream
03. You’re All The World To Me
04. I’ll Know
05. Your Host
06. Out Of Nowhere
07. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?
08. Street Of Dreams

Grammy Award winning pianist Bill Charlap returns to Blue Note Records with Street of Dreams, a sublime album featuring his revered longstanding trio with bassist Peter Washington and drummer Kenny Washington. ‘Street of Dreams’ is a delightful mix of Great American Songbook favorites and songs by great jazz composers including Billy Strayhorn and Duke Ellington, Kenny Burrell, and Dave Brubeck.

Celebrating 24 years together, pianist Bill Charlap’s trio with the Washingtons (bassist Peter and drummer Kenny—no relation) comes as close as any piano trio can to batting a thousand. Even their less inspired efforts, whether onstage or on record, still bear the marks of high-level professionalism and empathy that only a long-lived and prolific ensemble can develop.

And Street of Dreams is not one of their less inspired efforts. If anything, the degree of inspiration on opener “The Duke” alone could carry the whole album. Charlap finds new reserves of depth and nuance in the fond reverence of Dave Brubeck’s paean to Ellington, and that’s without considering the rhythmic oneupmanship of his and Kenny Washington’s interplay during the pianist’s solo.

The drummer, incidentally, switches from brushes to sticks halfway through “The Duke.” It’s one of two moments off the brushes; the other, during “Out of Nowhere,” finds Washington and Charlap trading eights. If these two passages are the album’s most rhythmically intense, though, it’s not by much, which should tell you something about how deep the swing here is. The fours they trade on “You’re All the World to Me,” with Kenny back on brushes, is still stirring, and just as much groove goes into Kenny Burrell’s “Your Host,” for example, with Kenny’s smart accents helped along by an assured Peter Washington working slightly in front of the beat.

Nor are the trio’s ballad treatments less engaging. Charlap’s tender read of Frank Loesser’s “I’ll Know” is accentuated by the Washingtons’ close following of his every step; the title track reaches near-despondency because of Charlap and Peter Washington’s subtle, shared use of dynamics and space. Street of Dreams is simply a reminder of how terrific an album of straight-ahead piano-trio standards can be.

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